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Contraindications of Nitric Oxide

It is becoming one of the most successful new generation supplements and is not for less: the nitric oxide has proven vasodilator function, and this implies a greater power of muscle cells during training. All the bombing, but…There are people and situations in which it is not convenient to take it? We already say yes […]


L-Glutamine for a Better Recovery and Muscle Growth

We all agree that excessive and intense training produces a muscle stress which is derived from muscle fatigue and the various problems that can arise from excessive training. To avoid this always, it is important to rest the muscles, but when training is over we can take hold of accessories designed to help in the […]


Increases Muscle Mass by Eating Tuna

In times of muscle growth our body needs a extra contribution of proteins to create muscle fibers and therefore increase its volume. The majority of people seeking this resorts to sports supplements, but it is not necessary, as we have food as the tuna This nutrient-rich.


The Practice of Cycling As a Form of Leisure

Aim Is To Make The Competition A Permanent Event In The Calendar Of Londrina’s Birthday Festivities The Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC), in partnership with the Adventure Club, and the support of the City Hall of Londrina, will hold on December 14, starting at 8 am, the first Pedalada Caixa Cidade de Londrina, at Aterro do […]