L-Glutamine for a Better Recovery and Muscle Growth

We all agree that excessive and intense training produces a muscle stress which is derived from muscle fatigue and the various problems that can arise from excessive training.

To avoid this always, it is important to rest the muscles, but when training is over we can take hold of accessories designed to help in the recovery. An example is L-glutamine, an essential amino acid in our body found in almost all tissues and to intervene directly in the reconstruction and formation of tissues. Read more

Importance of Zinc and Its Relationship with Testosterone

Zinc is another of the essential trace elements to keep our body healthy, in fact it is the element that is in second place in terms of concentration is concerned, only behind iron.

This micromineral is related to more than 200 chemical reactions to level cell and involved in all systems of maintenance and regulation body, but is also directly related to our hormone levels. Today I have loa importance of zinc and its relationship with testosterone. Read more

The Obsession with Eating Supplements in People That Practice Bodybuilding

The eagerness to get a muscular body can lead many times to get to obsessed and committing excesses that eventually can pass bill unless we realize.

Most of the people who attended the gym to get a muscular body tend to lend hand in Add-ins they have the purpose of helping us in the daily routine and get to improve the training sessions. An improvement in the long run will be reflected in muscle tone, which is that the majority of add-ins have a direct effect on our body. But the problem is when we become obsessed to the point of eating all kinds of supplements in doses that are appropriate. Read more

Teresina Hosts The Traditional North-Northeast Road Cycling Cup 2015

PiauÍ’S Capital Receives 38th Edition Of The Event From August 21 To 23 And Promises Fierce Competition In Eleven Categories

It is time for one of the most anticipated events on the national road cycling calendar.From Friday (21) to Sunday (23), the city of Teresina, in Piauí, receives with great energy and heat the 38th edition of the North-Northeast Cycling Cup. More than 280 cyclists from 16 states will gather in the capital of Piauí for three intense days of competition. Read more

The Practice of Cycling As a Form of Leisure

Aim Is To Make The Competition A Permanent Event In The Calendar Of Londrina’s Birthday Festivities

The Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC), in partnership with the Adventure Club, and the support of the City Hall of Londrina, will hold on December 14, starting at 8 am, the first Pedalada Caixa Cidade de Londrina, at Aterro do Lago Igapó II. The objective is to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Londrina and to seek the practice of cycling as a leisure activity and sustainable transport. The idea is also that the event becomes permanent in the annual calendar of Londrina’s birthday festivities. Read more

3 Improvement Opportunities For Brazilian Urban Cycling

It is natural that we have to go to the market, to the fair, to go to the pharmacy, to buy some utensils or even to do that affection in the ego with purchases that people like. How many times have I been through some shop, bike, and stopped to meet. Or even that quick stop at the pharmacy. We do not change the routine because of the skinny. We incorporate the skinny in our routine and makes her much better.) Read more

Stuff: Fishing Part 2

In this second part we will place unusual in the post means fish but they are fish that are in the Lakes of fish and pay, here we go:

Stick: the Jaús that were placed in the fishing grounds today can have up to 25 to 30 kg that requires heavy stuff with a stick of 60 to 80 lbs of fast action
Line: the line can be 0.80 mm monofilament or 0.45 multi mm ranging from 80 to 150 lbs
Reel/Reel: the best are Reels because of traction, but nothing prevents the use of Reels, in particular the Marine Sports Thunnus. Read more

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