7 Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight at Home

Many aerobic exercises can be done at home, such as jump rope, climb up and down stairs or dancing in front of the TV, for example, and are excellent to increase the physical resistance and burn calories, it stimulate the circulation, the functioning of the lung and of the heart, in addition to working many muscle groups.

Thus, this type of exercise can be a great way to burn fat and lose weight, if it is practiced by at least 30 to 60 minutes, 3 times per week, and if it is done in the correct way.

The main cardio exercises that can be performed at home are:

1. Jump rope

Do jumps and coordinated movements with the rope are a great way to burn calories, besides being convenient and fun, but it is important to maintain the upright posture, look forward and contract your abdomen. With time, it is possible to vary the exercises and create the shapes of different jumps, how to jump with only one leg, spin the rope more than once, or skip walking.

To jump rope, preferably, you should use running shoes to decrease the impact of the ground but, it should be avoided by anyone who has problems with knees or shoulders. To adjust the rope, you should tread in their midst, and to lift the tips with the wrists, along the body, which should reach up to the height below the shoulders.

7 Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight at Home 1

  • Training tip: alternate intense activity with rest to accelerate the burning of calories, jumping 1 minute and rest 1 minute until you reach the time desired exercise.

It is possible to burn approximately 650 calories in 1 h of exercise.

  1. Jump

Practice jump is a fun way to burn calories, and you need a trampoline and a selection of favorite songs to rhythms of movement. In this activity, it is possible to do several of the exercises, combinations, choreography and jumps, in addition to improving balance and control of the body, but, for this, it is important to keep the spine upright and pay attention to tread within the area elastic.

  • Training tip: alternate exercises each minute, such as running with high knees, jumping with the legs open and closed, to switch one leg in front of another (such as the movement of the scissors) and squats on top of the unit.

With this exercise, you can’t spend between 600 and 800 calories, depending on the intensity of the exercise.

  1. Up and down stairs

Climbing or descending stairs can be practiced at any time, and a great way to gain physical strength in addition to tone the thighs and buttocks. This activity can reach a great intensity for burning calories, but, people who have pain due to the wear and tear of the joints of the knees should avoid them.

  • Training tip: split the workout into 3 parts of 10 minutes, with rest or other type of activity among them, to avoid overloading of the joints.

Over 30 minutes of this activity, it is possible to spend 500 calories.

  1. Walk or run on the treadmill

7 Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight at Home 2

Walking and running are exercises to be very efficient for weight loss and to improve fitness. For this, it is important that the heartbeats are accelerated, so that you can still talk and not feel bad about it, to know that the body you are exercising in a correct intensity.

  • Training tip: switch the intensity of the exercise, with 5 minutes walk and 2 of the race, or 1 minute of intense race and 1 walk, for example.

The walk spends about 400 to 500 calories, while the race spends around 500 and 900 calories, depending on the intensity of the exercise.

5. Repetition of movements

Carry out a sequence of fast movements makes it work a large amount of muscles in the body, and accelerates weight loss. Exercises such as jumping jacks, climbing, burpees and running in place with high knees or with the heel in the butt, for example, can be switched so as not to be repetitive.

  • Training tip: do circuits of movement, for 5 to 8 minutes, with rest of 30 seconds to 1 minute between them.

These exercises, practiced for about 1 hour, will burn around 400 to 500 calories.

  1. Dance

Dance to the sound of favorite songs, following the choreography of an application on the smartphone or a DVD of zumba, for example, are excellent ways to practice physical activity, improve balance and improves the ro’s reasoning, besides being very pleasurable.

  • Training tip: do choreography, rhythmic and intense, with lots of alternating movements, to accelerate the burning of calories.

Practice 1 hour of dancing helps you burn about 500 to 800 calories.

7 Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight at Home 3

Learn about the benefits of zumba for health.

  1. Ride

Do exercises such as spinning or cycling on the exercise bike, in addition to burn many calories and help in weight loss, strengthens and tones the butt and legs. It is easy and convenient to make, and can be adapted to the resistance of each person, being very good for people who are beginners in the practice of physical exercises.

  • Training tip: alternate the speed and intensity of the rides, every minute, to not get repetitive and to speed up the energy expenditure.

Pedaling can spend about 500 calories in 1 hour.

Tips for beginners

These exercises may not only be practiced at home, but also on the street, when there is willingness and time. However, it is important to remember that if you should make a assessment with the general practitioner or the cardiologist to be evaluated for the physical conditions needed for the initiation of the practice of physical activities with safety.

In addition to this, keep yourself well hydrated during activities and throughout the day is key to improving the yield. In these exercises, the greater the intensity, duration and frequency of activities, the greater the burn fat and gain endurance, but you should never strive in addition to the account, to the point of feeling much pain, have shortness of breath or dizziness.