Benefits of the Class Jump

The class of Jump makes you lose weight and combat cellulite because you spend lots of calories and tones the legs and glutes, fighting the fat that gives rise to cellulite. In a class of 45 minutes of Jump it is possible to lose up to 600 calories.

The exercises are performed in a “mini-trampoline”, which require good hand-eye coordination, and are conducted to the sound of loud music and fun, with routines that can be initially simple, but become increasingly more elaborate, depending on the physical fitness of the individual. Thus, the jump can be considered a physical activity high-intensity aerobics and that has a number of health benefits.

Benefits of the class Jump

Benefits of the Class Jump 1

The class jump is a great aerobic exercise and, depending on the music and choreography performed in the classroom, can be considered to be a high-intensity exercise. The main benefits of the class of jump are:

  • Weight loss and decrease in body fat, since both the circulation and metabolism are activated, stimulating the caloric expenditure;
  • Reduction of cellulite, because there is activation of the lymphatic system, in addition to the toning of the muscles – get to know otherexercises to stop cellulite;
  • Improvement of physical conditioning;
  • Improves body contour, it is able to tone and define the muscles of the leg and buttock, in addition to the calf, arms, and abdomen;
  • Improves motor coordination and balance.

In addition, the classes of jump help to prevent osteoporosis, since it stimulate the blood circulation, preventing the loss of calcium, in addition to promoting the detoxification of the body, because it increases the heart rate, stimulating the filtration of blood.

Benefits of the Class Jump 2

The benefits of the class jump are usually noticed after 1 month of lessons, which must be practiced on a regular basis.

When not to do

The classes of jump, although very beneficial, are not recommended for pregnant women, people who have problems in the spinal column or joints, people very overweight and varicose veins. These contraindications are there because the classes of jump are a big impact on the ankle joints, knees and hips, and can worsen conditions that the person already have or generate new changes, as in the case of people who are very overweight, for example.

It is also important that all the classes of jump are made using a running shoes suitable for the activity, and drinking water during the practice of activity, to avoid the risk of dehydration, since it is a high-intensity exercise. In addition, it is recommended to take care of during the exercise to avoid possible injuries.

Benefits of the Class Jump 3