Combining Bodybuilding to the Race and Reap the Benefits

The race is a sport more than indicated to keep the body healthy everyone knows.However, there are complications very common sport, such as injuries and pains in the lumbar region, which may hamper performance and hinder the runner. To avoid these evils and guarantee 100% performance in the race, the experts recommend the practice of bodybuilding.

Combining Bodybuilding to the Race and Reap the Benefits 1

It is very important to emphasize that the weight training for those who practice race is different of the exercises for those who want to gain more muscle mass, for example. “If the weight training has as a goal of the hypertrophy, will not help in anything the individual in the race, and may even hinder,” explains personal trainer Thiago Moretti, of the Bio-Rhythm. In addition to injury prevention, strength training can bring many other benefits to the corridor:

Joints strengthened

Weight training will give the body the strength it needs, preventing stretching, and decreasing muscle tears more serious. “The impact on the joints generated by the race, primarily of the hips and knees, are minimized with a muscles stronger,” says personal trainer Thiago Moretti, of the Bio-Rhythm.

Prevents injury

The exercises with weight will strengthen muscles, joints, ligaments and the bone mass of the runner. “Focusing on the activity of bodybuilding in the lower limbs – that are the most affected in the race – the chance of the runner suffers an injury is minimal,” says the physiologist Raul Santo, of Unifesp.

Combining Bodybuilding to the Race and Reap the Benefits 2

Alleviates the pain

“The strengthening that weight training provides can help the runner to avoid the typical pains of the sport, such as pain in the lumbar region and legs,” says physiologist Raul Santo.

Physical resistance

The experts claim that weight training can help in the physical endurance of the runner only if the training is directed to this type of athlete. “Individuals who make withdrawals heavy, with the intent to gain mass and not strength, end up having the opposite effect,” says the personal Thiago Moretti. According to him, a runner needs to be fast, strong and agile, and for it to be able to achieve this goal, need of stimuli and different well periodizados.

Combining Bodybuilding to the Race and Reap the Benefits 3

Stability and posture

Weight training works the motor co-ordination, flexibility and posture of the athlete. However, as has already been said, you need to make the exercises correct. “Associate resistance training with the race helps in the stability of the athlete, since it will bring improvement in the movement for the overcoming of obstacles of activity,” says the personal Thiago Moretti.

Power and agility

The weight training specific to the race helps the runner to gain more power and agility, helping you gain speed and improving the performance on climbs or sprints ? evidence short of great boot.

“The corridor should include in your bodybuilding workouts for strength, explosion and endurance, with a good periodization. The ideal is to always seek a professional for assistance,” says the personal trainer Thiago Moretti.


Combine bodybuilding in the race, in addition to everything, gives more energy to the runner, that may evolve with more ease, managing to make evidence of long-term and marathons. “But it is important that the athlete train intensely at their sport, as do only weight training, but not to train, the race will not help in the evolution of exercise,” says the physiologist Raul Santo.