Cycling Makes You Lose Weight

Cycling helps to lose weight and is a great exercise for people who suffer with the changes caused by excess weight, such as back problems, knees, or ankles, because it is a way to lose calories without exercising even more impact on joints.

This exercise can burn up to 400 calories per hour and, in addition, can also contribute to strengthening the legs, maintain balance and tone the muscles of the abdomen. The long-term cycling can help weight loss more than a walk, due to the increase muscle in the legs. You can also learn about the benefits of walking.

For cycling, you should wear clothes and shoes comfortable as well as ingesting water at room temperature, to avoid orthopaedic problems, and dehydration. It is also very important to use adequate protection to avoid accidents.

Cycling Makes You Lose Weight 1

Benefits of cycling

Cycling is an activity that is very healthy that, in addition to helping you lose weight, it has other benefits such as lowering cholesterol and diabetes, and to maintain psychological health, fight insomnia, and help overcome depression because it releases endorphins into the bloodstream. In addition, it is a great choice of means of transport that does not pollute the environment.

Another option for those who do not want to ride a bike on the street is the use of stationary bicycle in the house. Depending on the intensity, the individual may lose as many calories as riding a bike on the street.

The benefits of cycling are greatest when a healthy diet and if you do this exercise, at least 3 times a week, giving time for the muscle pains can go and the muscles grow.

Cycling Makes You Lose Weight 2

Training on bike to lose weight

A way to improve the results on a training bike can be ride for some time standing, doing about 6 reps to ride in walk, 2 minutes each, being careful not to overdo in the first 6 repetitions, to be able to withstand the whole workout.

In addition, you can increase the speed at which you pedal and go, alternating with a slower shutter speed, to cope with the workout until the end.

Another way to gain endurance is to gradually increase the distance of bicycle trips.

Cycling Makes You Lose Weight 3