Running Training to Pass the 10 to 15 Km

This is an example of running training to run 15 km in 15 weeks with workouts 4 times per week indicated for healthy people who already practice some kind of physical activity light and love to run, doing so in order to have a healthier life and some leisure time.

It is important not to rush and to keep the plan to race to the finish, following each step that we propose here because it will be possible to improve their physical condition gradually, with a low risk of injury. Use a clothes own for runners and a good shoes to protect your ankles and knees.

Running Training to Pass the 10 to 15 Km 1

If you feel some pain in the hips, knees, or ankles, you should stop training and seek medical help and physio to recover, because an injury bad cured can aggravate and hinder the training.

Remember that it is also very important to strengthen the muscles with exercises such as localized, GAP, or Workout Functional to decrease the risk of repetitive stress injuries.

Before each workout it is advised to do stretching and at least 10 minutes of heating. To prepare for running you can do jacks for 2 minutes without stopping, do another 1 minute of crunches, and 2 minutes of brisk walking.

Running Training to Pass the 10 to 15 Km 2

The following may be able to get the workout of the day, having a lot of attention to the breath and the heartbeat. Use a mobile phone with application racing or a clock with a frequency counter, can be useful to ensure that it is not requiring too much of one’s own body.

After each workout, it is recommended to dedicate 10 more minutes to slow down the heartbeat, and so go on gradually decreasing the pace of the race and finish walking. When you stop to do stretches for the legs and back for about 5 to 10 minutes to decrease muscle aches and pains. The more stretching you do, the less pain you will have in the next day.

Running Training to Pass the 10 to 15 Km 3