Tips for Toning The Upper Train When We Chose to Train Outdoors and Not Going to The Gym

Holiday, bridges, free time to enjoy the warmth … are some of the reasons that when the good time we fail to focus too much on training and do not make the tables marked as usual. It is true that when it gets hot it want more out for sport in the open air, that can change the chip and plan some different trainings in which are more in touch with nature and that we can continue our body to perfection.

Parks and gardens of our cities are taken daily by hundreds of people who rush to practice sport in the open air. The star of these trainings are usually career. At this time is one of the activities that wins because it can be performed without any problem in the open air, but it is not the only one that can make or that we must, because we must not forget the importance of toning the upper train, because we race fairly comprehensive way inferior is working.

In almost all the parks there are areas designated for the sport in which, in addition to having a track athletics, usually different devices to exercise the upper body train. These devices are usually wood bars placed strategically so that we exercise in each one type or another muscle. There is a parallel in which lis train triceps and will do bottom of breastplate. We will in the higher bars dominated to work the dorsal h shoulders. On the contrary, in the lower what we will do will be working the abdominal part lying about them, since they are wider for better hold our body.

It is true that if we organized it ourselves well, we can make very good workouts outdoors, but not always fortunate to find this type of equipment in all parks. If there are no these devices in our park can train in a different way and keep the muscles of the upper train worked, just make chest on the floor push-ups, that using a more or less opening of arms will work more to chest or triceps. Availing ourselves of a tree and a high branch and strong we will make dominated to train the back and shoulders. The abdominal We can make them in the soil are problem. It is true that training in this way does not get a great muscle development, but if you will be able to keep if we decide not to lock ourselves in a gym to train and enjoy good weather.